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  With more than 50000 mu of sea area, Luhaifeng marine ranch is the largest national marine ranch in Qingdao.We have built more than 280 intelligent deep-water anti wind and wave cages to breed perch, salmon, black trout and other rare fish species,more than 200 hectares of artificial reef area for natural stocking of sea cucumber, abalone and other precious marine treasures for pollution-free ecological breeding,and a fishing boat wharf which covering an area of 38300 square meters and having 36 standard sea fishing boats, 8000 square meters tourist reception center, 7000 square meters comprehensive service area, 13 folk custom thatched houses, 10 leisure sea fishing net cage platforms.Set up high-level leisure fishing clubs, such as ecological diving and leisure sea fishing, to provide recreational fishery services such as skin-diving, breath-hold diving, pool fishing, rock fishing, boat fishing, fishing village customs experience, etc.


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  Contact Address: No.618, Liansandao Road, Huangdao District, Qingdao

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