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Luhaifeng group was founded in 2001. After many years of developing, it has become a self sufficiency and international group company which integrating pelagic fishing, refrigerated shipping, port logistics, seafood processing, international trade, supply chain finance, hotel catering service and leisure tourism. It is one of the top 100 private enterprises in Qingdao.


Currently, Luhaifeng Group owns a 50,000-Mu demonstrative state-leveled marine ranch and a 120,000-squaremeter deep processing plant for foods (It is the biggest supplier of star eel fillets and tuna fillets in Japan, with the annual all-round processing capacity of aquatic products over 50,000 tons and the annual export over 30,000 tons, as well as with the products exported to tens of regions and countries including the U.S. and the EU). Additionally, the group also possesses a 10,000-ton deep-water wharf (the coastline is 1.4km long), a 300,000-ton cold storage (including a 53,000-ton storage of the  ultra-low temperature at - 60 ℃ and a 90,000-ton bonded cold storage) and 6 refrigerated cargo ships (including 2 refrigerated cargo ships of ultra-low temperature and 4 ones of low temperature). With these systems, it is a provider of diversified services, such as rare-excellent aquatic products from all over the world, bulk raw materials like meat and finished products, international refrigerated shipping and port logistics services, deep processing of aquatic products, international trade, inspection of imported meat and imported aquatic animals, supply chain finance, hotel catering, and leisure and tourism. 

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Qingdao Luhaifeng Cold Chain Logistics Co., Ltd

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Qingdao  Luhaifeng Cold Chain Logistics Co., Ltd

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