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Position: Operation Manager/Deputy Manager of Aquatic Product International Trade Centre




  1.Responsible for the establishment of international aquatic product raw materials, semi-finished products, finished products remote trading and information sharing, cold chain logistics, terminal services, financial services and other comprehensive organizations.

  2.Responsible for building a comprehensive e-commerce platform that integrates supply and demand information services, online transactions, online payments, logistics management, market analysis and other functions to achieve order, bidding, matching, listing and other transaction processing.  

  3.Responsible for the comprehensive management and inter-departmental coordination include team building of trade center , training, supervision, coordination, examining, and personnel training.


  1.Bachelor degree or above, major in finance or management.

  2.Excellent independent operation control, planning and management experience.

  3.Have a good command of various forms of international trade, financial service forms and relevant experience in supply chain finance.

  4.Actual trading platform operation experience, familiar with the e-commerce operation process of spot transactions and forward spot transactions.

  5.Familiar with relevant national policies, and actively promote project development under policy and legal standards.


  Position: Sales Manager



  1.Organizing and leading business teams to expand domestic and foreign markets, sell products, and complete sales tasks.

  2.Responsible for the formulation of the main sales target, participating in implementing relevant policies and systems or assisting leader, and participating in the brand building and maintenance of the products.

  3.Responsible for daily management work and the management, guidance, training and evaluation of subordinate employees.

  4.Responsible for team building, directing and training the job of the trader. Through the management, motivation, training and guidance of the trader to organize an excellent team.

  5.Collect relevant market development trends, demand changes and the data of customer feedback.



  1.College degree or above, all major.

  2.More than 5 years of working experience in aquatic products and meat sales.

  3.amiliar with major sales channels and possess relevant customer resources.


  Position: International Purchasing Manager



  1.According to the demand and operation strategy of company, selecting and maintaining the foreign supplier, accomplishing import purchase mission, in order to buy the best quality aquatic and meat and other products by the most favorable price.

  2.Maintaining relationship with the supplier and following supply, providing relevant information about purchasing.

  3.Noticing the market situation at home and abroad, mastering price trends and analyzing relevant policy to give advice and supporting for decision.



  1.Bachelor degree or above, major in international trade.

  2.Familiar with the process of international trade and apply relevant office software expertly.

  3.Be good at English, outstanding business public relations and negotiation skills, strong risk awareness and stress tolerance, teamwork spirit and the courage to explore and innovate.

  4.More than 3 years of experience in import and export trade of frozen food (especially aquatic and meat) are preferred.


  Position: Engineering Costs



  1.Be familiar with national laws and relevant project cost management regulations, familiar with engineering drawings and master project budget quota.

  2.Responsible for checking construction drawings, participating in drawings reviewing and technical disclosure, and making budget adjustment according to the records.

  3.Completely grasp the terms of the construction contract, understand the construction situation and combine the budget with the actual situation.

  4.Adjusting the budget in time according to site design changes and visas.

  5.Recording the budget of engineering every month and material adjustment, and timely inform to relevant departments for approval.



  1.College degree or above,major in relevant engineering.

  2.Familiar with the project budget and various links of the construction process.

  3.Good language skills, sense of responsibilities and professional dedication.


  Position: Installation Engineer



  1.Responsible for the site management of the project installation, and the management and control of the project quality, progress and safety.

  2.ssist in handling the construction application procedures for water, electricity, gas, etc., and control the progress of relevant construction such as heating and ventilation.

  3.Special acceptance of each concealed project and quality control of the process.

  4.Solving technical problems in installation and construction.



  1.Experience in the whole process from project commencement to completion is preferred.

  2.College degree or above, major in engineering or related field.

  3.More than three years of working experience, powerful professional and technical ability and sense of Responsibilities, good communication skills.


  Position: New Media Operation



  1.Responsible for the daily operation and maintenance of WeChat public accounts and WeChat communities, and serve the company's overall brand communication and marketing.

  2.According to the company's requirements, regularly compile and produce corporate internal journals.

  3.According to the company demand, planning and implementing micro-media hot topic marketing cooperate with company activities.

  4.Seeking cooperation with external valuable platforms or resources, gather popularity and expand influence.



  1.College degree or above, female or male, 25-32 years old, more than three years of relevant work experience.

  2.Marketing, advertising, E-commerce, news, Chinese and other majors.


  Position: Corporate Editor




  1. Responsible for daily writing of various project publicity and journalism articles.

  2.Compiling speeches for leader, government reports, public articles, journalism materials and other materials.

  3.Writing and publicity materials for company business.

  4.Have insight, analysis and collection ability, actively collect the materials that related industry development of company.

  5.Update company website and the official WeChat information.

  6.Complete other tasks assigned by the leader.



  1.More than three years of relevant work experience.

  2.No academic qualifications, professional requirements: Chinese, media, advertising, news, senior secretary and other related majors.

  3.Be good at independent thinking, excellent insight, good corporate image, clear logical thinking, good writing skills, and rich writing experience.

  4.High aesthetic with certain design experience and activity planning experience.

  5.Applying office software and drawing software expertly.

  6.Position: Performance Specialist



  1.According to the development goals and priorities of the group at various stages, assist in the completion of the design of the performance appraisal system of the group and its branches to ensure the rationality of the system design.

  2.Collecting, summarizing and analyzing the revision opinions of various departments on the assessment plan and continue to optimize the performance evaluation system;

  3.Follow up the departmental assessment data every month, and make statistics on assessment data.

  4.Making, arranging and organizing the performance appraisal plans of various departments and branches, assist in the development and implementation of performance appraisal work.

  5.Complete other tasks assigned by superiors.



  1.Bachelor degree or above, major in human resource, relevant work experience is preferred.

  2.Familiar with various performance evaluation methods and performance management processes.

  3.Good professional ethics and powerful working principles, and good communication and coordination skills.


  Position: Management Trainee


  We can provide as below:


  1.All kinds of industry and diversified career development;

  2.Learning skills in any position, providing professional guidance for career development direction.

  3.Free accommodation, staff canteen, shuttle service, etc.


  We need you have qualifications as below:

  1.Bachelor degree or above, major in law, English, Chinese, Chinese language and literature, International trade, marketing, etc., internship experience is preferred.

  2.Have team spirit, challenge spirit, party members and student leaders are preferred.

  3.Have communication skills, expression skills, affinity, pioneering spirit, promotion ideas, stress tolerance, and management experience are preferred.