Talent concept

Always adhere to the strategy of talent first.


1. Enterprise never moves beofe the talents going.
Talents only moved after the training is carried out first


2, Virtuous talent standard 

Lu Haifeng adheres to the cultural concept of "to be a moral man before business", establishes a competency model guided by culture, emphasizes the morality, talent, ability and competition of talents, emphasizes morality first, and regards morality + ability + value creator as "Virtuous talent ". Virtuous talent refers to the person who has others in his heart, loves others and has the ability to create value and bring benefits to others.


3. Play the expertise, team work

Lu Haifeng culture requires that we should dilute power, strengthen ability, strengthen responsibility, be responsible to subordinates ,and focus on the matter instead of people. This requires Lu Haifeng to carry out labor professional division, work professionally, develop professionally, establish performance-oriented policy and pay according to performance.


At the same time, it emphasizes the sense of teamwork, communication, authorization, equality, trust, cooperation, win-win and harmonious team to achieve the goal of develop advantage and team progress together.

In addition to solve the problems of internal expertise and teamwork, Luhaifeng requires that solve the six relationship: ourselves, colleagues, users, peers, society and nature with a win-win mentality. The key point is kind to the relationship. Only if we treat ourselves well and other relationships well, can we realize the harmonious development of Luhaifeng and value chain.


4. Full authorization and Growth in practice

Luhaifeng Culture believes that employees should work for themselves firstly.They should do themselves things seriously and accurately, fully dedicate and creative. Luhaifeng dared to provide a growth platform for new employee, emphasized pressure to promote growth, tempered growth, cultivate and selecte talents in the process. Luhaifeng emphasized ability and performance orientation, not limited to cultivate the talent.


5. Simpleness and Positive Energy

Luhaifeng concentrate on keeping the simple culture of the private enterprise, building the relationship with equality ,respect, trust, tolerance and communication. It demand that employees are positive , generous, kind and friendly, not do something that violate conscience. It demand that employees are able to benefit others and self-interest, other people prior ourself. It stressed that employees need strengthen on individual exercise, learn others advantage and give others help.


6.Learning ,Openness and Development

The theme of eternal struggle is "learn more, open more, develop more". It is to maintain the tradition of reviewing culture, maintain a humble attitude, making learning as work and making work as learning. Everyone use positive attitude to accept and integrate others, and realize the common growth of the company and value chain partners.


Focus on cultivating the ability of lifetime employment for employees

As the saying goes “Give people fish and you feed them for a day. Teach them how to fish and you feed them for a lifetime”, Luhaifeng committed that it is not provide the opportunity of lifetime employment for employees, it will provide employees with lifetime learning opportunities and lifetime employment capabilities.
①The development orientation of specialization and expertise and expert   

To help everyone find their core expertise and attaches importance to the training and development of employees' core expertise, and integrates learning throughout the employees' careers, so that employees can obtain lifelong learning opportunities, thereby continuously improving their capabilities.

②The employment mechanism that people and career grow together. 

Employees and all partners are the main body of Luhaifeng, and Luhaifeng is regarded as the business platform for employees and all partners. It is willing to provide a stage for outstanding talents. Only under the premise of continuous improvement of staff ability and increasing teamwork can improve the overall ability and performance of the company. Only under the conditions of successful career and continuous development, can employees obtain more exercise opportunities and greater development.

③Diversified individual promotion and development channels.

Luhaifeng provides diversified career development channels for different types of talents. It provides job promotion opportunities for employees who aspire to become managers, and provides functional-level expert runways for employees who aspire to become experts, so that all kinds of talents can obtain process for ability and growth.

④Require all subsidiaries not to dismiss employees actively
"Only inappropriate positions, no unavailable employees" requires all levels of management to create suitable jobs for employees.

⑤Long-term talent development strategy.
Through the comparative analysis of the organization's future ability demand and the employees' current ability, taking various training measures to improve the ability of employees.

⑥ Treat staff dimission with an open mind.