Development channel

Luhaifeng has set up different promotion paths for people with different personality traits. It is said that Learning is useful. As long as you work hard and perform well, you can improve work ability in any position.

Our company has set up three different ways of staff promotion: management, business and skill.

It is suggested that managers have external personality, powerful communication ability and comprehensive management quality. Luhaifeng encourages employees to do more comprehensive management work and select the development route of comprehensive management promotion, called as general manager assistant.

It is suggested that employees have strong professional skill and work research deeply, and have professional skills with advantage should select the development route of skill management as engineers, dietitians, formulators, etc.

It is suggested that employees have special business management should select the promotion route such as raw material specialist, production specialist, administrative specialist, culture specialist, etc.

The three paths of employee promotion are not absolute and can be converted according to specific job performance and personal growth. Regardless of the way of growth, the Human resources department has established the staff performance evaluation system, constantly identify the staff improvement and development opportunities, and arrange the different types of talents to train, educate and position change so as to help the staff progress and promote their career development.