The research group of the National Bureau of Statistics visited our company for research.


On the morning of May 18, Lu Feng, deputy director of the Accounting Department of the National Bureau of Statistics, and his party came to our Luhaifeng Ocean Ranch to carry out research. Xin Shuren, Director of the Provincial Bureau of Statistics, Cheng Liande, Director of the Office of the Provincial Bureau of Statistics, Peng Lifang, Director of the Accounting Division of the Provincial Bureau of Statistics, Liu Qitao, Director of the Municipal Bureau of Statistics, Pang Shuying, Director of the Office of the Municipal Bureau of Statistics, Wang Zhiyu, District Committee Member and Executive Deputy District Mayor Gu Qingmi, and Director of the District Bureau of Statistics Li Chunhua accompanied the whole process. Group Chairman Liu Chunhui and other company leaders warmly received the research team and introduced the development and development plan of marine ranch. The research group visited the sea fishing base of Luhaifeng marine ranch, and had an in-depth understanding of the ecological breeding, water quality monitoring and visualization system construction of marine ranch. Liu Chunhui, chairman of the group, introduced to the research group the green development concept of farming, animal husbandry, fishing and ecological breeding in marine ranches, and expounded the vision of striving to build marine ranches into a marine ecological leisure tourism base with perfect theme functions. The research group affirmed the development of marine ranch, and hoped that our company would continue to give full play to the ecological environment advantages of marine ranch, practice the development concept of "green water and green mountains are golden mountains and silver mountains", and convert more ecological output value into economic value.


Xianghai Tuqiang | Shenzhen Marine Fisheries Bureau went to Shandong Haifeng Marine Ranch to investigate.


On the morning of September 11, a total of 7 people from Shenzhen Marine Fisheries Bureau Xi Yao and his entourage went to Shandong Haifeng Marine Ranch to conduct key investigations on the construction and management of marine ranches and marine complexes. Xue Bo, deputy general manager of the group, received the research team. The research team first visited the exhibition hall of Luhaifeng Marine Ranch, learned about the overall situation of Luhaifeng Group, observed the growth of underwater organisms in real time through the marine ranch observation network, and conducted in-depth exchanges with Luhaifeng Group on the development of Shenzhen's marine industry. Later, the research group and his party observed the leisure fishing area of the pasture, the deep-water anti-wind and wave cage and the folk buildings with marine characteristics along the coast, and got to know the whole picture of the marine pasture on the spot. As the first batch of national marine ranch demonstration areas, Luhaifeng Marine Ranch always adheres to the business development concept of "innovation, coordination, green, openness and sharing", and implements the five-in-one operation mode of "reef throwing, fish releasing, boat fishing, coast fishing and service. Marine ranch has coordinated development in ecological breeding, leisure fishing, seaside tourism, hotel catering, etc., to achieve a high degree of integration of the three industries of marine 1. 2., build a highly condensed marine commercial complex, and strive to improve the quality and efficiency of the marine industry. Important contribution. After the visit, the research team spoke highly of Luhaifeng Marine Ranch and said that the development model of Luhaifeng Marine Ranch provided them with a new direction. Luhaifeng Group will continue to focus on marine ecological construction, make every effort to promote the quality and efficiency of the group's marine industry, contribute to the expansion of Qingdao's advantages in the development of the sea, and strive to make greater contributions to the construction of a maritime power.


Vice Mayor Zhu Peiji of the municipal government visited our company to investigate and guide the resumption of work after the holiday.


Vice Mayor Zhu Peiji and Group Chairman Liu Chunhui had in-depth exchanges to learn about the company's production and operation, epidemic prevention and control, capacity recovery, product research and development, and future plans. At present, under the normal conditions of epidemic prevention and control, Luhaifeng Group is grasping all kinds of safety production work, constantly strengthening safety training, focusing on key parts and key links, to ensure foolproof. At the same time, before resuming work and production after the festival, the health investigation of returning personnel will be strengthened, and various departments will make statistics in advance on the preparation of their personnel to their posts. Employees from outside the urban area, employees reworking in large epidemic areas, and related parties (including suppliers, logistics, business outsourcing, and dispatching parties) must organize medical personnel to check all before entering the factory. The epidemic prevention team is responsible for employee control, environmental disinfection, publicity of the epidemic to employees, preparation of epidemic prevention materials, insisting on taking the temperature of employees every day, disinfection and sterilization of all office spaces (especially elevators, canteens, toilets, conference rooms and other public places) in the factory to ensure that all epidemic prevention measures are in place, and the enterprise has fully resumed work and production. In addition, Vice Mayor Zhu Peiji focused on the difficulties encountered by enterprises in the construction of key agricultural projects and jointly discussed ways to deal with them. He urged relevant departments to strengthen overall coordination, take the initiative to move forward, and actively and effectively serve local enterprises. Establish a list of problem requirements, classify guidance, do a good job in security work, and effectively help enterprises solve the difficulties and problems encountered. Vice Mayor Zhu Peiji stressed that enterprises should strictly grasp the work arrangements for the resumption of work and production, and effectively strengthen organizational leadership. Enhance the sense of responsibility and urgency of production safety, formulate work plans for the resumption of work and production, carry out safety inspections, do a good job of safe construction and production for the resumption of work and production, resolutely put an end to safety accidents, and make a good start for the safety production situation. step. We should attach great importance to the prevention and control of the epidemic, do a good job in the implementation of epidemic prevention and control, reserve sufficient disinfection and protective equipment, and ensure the demand for epidemic prevention materials. To create a good safe production environment for the successful convening of the "Winter Olympics" and the national "two sessions.

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