Celebrate the successful completion of the second annual summary meeting of the company

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On January 10, 2023, VICTORY successfully held the company's second annual closing meeting.

On January 10, VICTORY successfully held the company's second annual summary meeting. In this annual meeting, the participants gave full play to the ability of teamwork and jointly planned and completed a series of well-prepared programs and activities. At the beginning of the annual meeting, the company's senior leaders delivered inspiring speeches, encouraging employees to continue to work hard and contribute to the company's development.

Subsequently, various departments performed wonderful programs, showing the talents and team spirit of the employees. Employees also participated in interactive games and sweepstakes to enhance communication and contact with each other. The whole annual meeting was full of laughter and joy, and employees expressed a deeper sense of belonging and honor to the company. This annual meeting not only enhances the cohesion and team cooperation consciousness of employees, but also provides a platform for them to show their talents. The company successfully held this annual meeting, which brought pleasant experiences and memories to the employees, and also demonstrated the vitality and cohesion of the company.