First in the country! Division I Xuejiadao fishing port to obtain the "fishing port business license"

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On November 22, the Marine Development Bureau of the West Coast New District issued the "Fishery Port Operation License" to our company Xuejiadao Fishing Port, which marked that our company's fishing port operation has entered a new chapter, and the operation and management of Xuejiadao Fishing Port has entered the rule of law., A new stage of standardization. Zhao Yingmin, party secretary of the district marine development bureau, and Liu Runze, general manager of the group, attended the ceremony.

Xuejiadao Fishing Port is located at the northeast end of Xuejiadao Sub-district Office, east of Haixi Bay Road nozzle within Jiaozhou Bay Gate, at Shicha Mouth of Xuejiadao (120 ° 16 ′ 18 ″E.36 ° 00 ′ 18 ″N), east of Shicha Mountain, south of Fenghuang Mountain, west of China Shipbuilding Haixi Shipbuilding Base, and the east, south and west of the fishing wharf are surrounded by Haixi Peninsula. The land road is 10 kilometers away from Jiaozhou Bay Expressway; it is 43.3 kilometers away from Qingdao Jiaodong International Airport; the railway is 4 kilometers away from the southern section of Jiaozhou Bay Railway; Xuejiadao Fishing Port is located at the mouth of Jiaozhou Bay, and the Yellow Sea is the exit of Jiaozhou Bay. Direct access to domestic and international ports.

The approval of the "Fishery Port Operation License" provides unlimited possibilities for the future development of offshore fisheries, and provides key support for the Xuejiadao Fishing Port to promote the opening of ports and the construction of foreign-related fishery advance areas. Xuejiadao Fishing Port has become a typical case of optimizing the business environment and promoting business innovation in the new area, providing a replicable and popularized reform model for the market-oriented development of fishing ports and the release of their economic functions.