Carrying out the strategy of strengthening the country by the sea, Enterprises prosper by the sea

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  Born in the sea and prosper with the port. Wang Jianxiang, Secretary of the Huangdao District communist Party committee, said: "blue is the biggest feature of the new area, and it is the only way for the development of the new area to make the marine economy bigger and stronger."

  In the past three years after approval, the West Coast new area has carried out the responsibility and style of the national level new area with the spirit of first trial, reform and innovation. Marine GDP has maintained an average annual growth rate of 17% plus, and the proportion of blue output value in GDP has increased from 21.8% to 30.2%. In 2016, the total GDP of marine product in the whole region reached 86.6 billion Yuan, with a year-on-year increase of 21.3%, ranking first in the national new area for the first time.

  Taking the development of marine economy as the theme, taking advantage of the east wind of the new and old kinetic energy transformation, the new area booming towards the sea is taking the lead in realizing the blue leap.

  Building a modern industrial system with distinctive marine characteristics.

  The car drove out of the Jiaozhou Bay Subsea Tunnel. Looking at it, there are many steel frames of offshore platforms by the West Bank of Jiaozhou Bay. It is a world-class ship and offshore engineering base.

  In 2005, there was only one shipbuilding and marine engineering enterprise –Qingdao Beihai shipbuilding Heavy Industry Co., Ltd. After more than ten years of development, more than 100 shipbuilding and marine engineering enterprises and various supporting enterprises have been gathered, forming the most complete industrial chain of domestic marine industry.

  It is also one of the top 10 characteristic marine industrial parks in the new area.

  In the past three years, the new area has actively explored a new path for the scientific development of the national marine economy, and has planned and constructed 10 characteristic marine industrial parks, including the marine biological gene technology industrial park, the Haixi Bay shipbuilding and marine engineering industrial base, and the modern industrial system with distinctive marine characteristics has gradually taken shape.

  Among the ten major parks, 209 marine economic projects with a total investment of more than 330 billion Yuan are accelerating. Among them, 42 projects including Harbin Shipbuilding Technology have been put into operation; 97 projects such as Oriental film and television base are in full swing.

  In order to further promote the overall planning of land and sea, the new area has issued the pilot work opinions of "multi policies integration", established and improved the land and sea planning system, included 5,000 square kilometers of sea area and 2,127 square kilometers of land area into the overall development planning, industrial planning and related special plans of the new area; innovated and integrated the land and Sea comprehensive management system, integrating 15 functional areas and plates into 10 functional areas, and promoting land and sea development as a whole 10 major policies for the industrial development of the new area, such as the support of scientific and technological talents, the transformation of scientific and technological achievements, and the convenient service for the people are introduced, and the development policy system of the new area is established. At present, the new area is striding towards deep blue, building a strong strategic fulcrum of maritime power.

  In 2014, the new area proposed to build a "616" modern industrial system with distinctive marine characteristics. Over the past three years, the industrial development of the new area has highlighted "blue high tech", accelerated the "transfer and innovation", and is accelerating to high-end and deep blue.

  In 2016, the design of kwana was put into operation and the China Shipbuilding Heavy Industry Equipment Research Institute was officially established, it marks a major breakthrough in the high-end development of the shipbuilding and marine industry in the new area. In the same year, the output value of marine biological industry in the new area reached 8.61 billion Yuan, an increase of 16.6%. The coastal tourism industry achieved a total revenue of 18.16 billion Yuan, received 20.06 million domestic and foreign tourists, an increase of 21.2% and 10.2% respectively.

  While promoting the advantageous industries and developing the emerging industries, the new area also strives to make the characteristic industries bigger and stronger. Among them, the construction of five marine ranches including Shilingzi, Gaoyu and Zhaitang Island, and the North China (Qingdao) international aquatic products trading center and cold chain logistics base have been accelerated, which has promoted the development of modern fishery cluster in the new area. In 2016, the total output of aquatic products in the new area was 350,000 tons, with an output value of 7.34 billion Yuan. Guzhenkou military civilian integration innovation demonstration zone has gathered more than 120 projects such as Harbin Engineering Qingdao ship science and technology park. Luhaifeng yacht terminal and 7 large-scale offshore fishing platforms have been put into operation, and the projects of Aopulan yacht wharf and Wanda Yacht Industrial Park are progressing smoothly.

  Carrying out the strategy of strengthening the country by the sea,

  Enterprises prosper by the sea

  Mingyue seaweed group is known as the "flower of the ocean" in Qingdao's "new five golden flowers". From a small chemical plant to the world's largest seaweed biological products enterprise, continuous innovation is the way to win.

  In the new area, there are numerous enterprises relying on innovation to prosper by the sea. Langyatai group, which mainly produces liquor, has become the world's largest itaconic acid production base and China's largest R & D and production base of marine microalgae DHA, isomaltulose, marine microalgae Chlorella and folic acid; Donghai pharmaceutical has become the first national "national and local joint Engineering Research Center for medical micro ecological products development"

  The new area has become a provincial experimental area of talent reform and a national talent introduction demonstration area. At present, the new area has gathered 520 innovation platforms such as key laboratories and engineering technology research centers, cultivated 256 high-tech enterprises and 11 national innovation and entrepreneurship carriers. 11 well-known universities, such as the University of Chinese Academy and Sciences, University of Harbin technology, have set up branches or research institutes in the new area. 33 academicians of the two academies and 30 experts of the 1,000 talent program have been introduced in the new area, and the total number of talents has reached 420,000.

  Over the past three years, the new area has taken opening up as a powerful driving force for the development of marine economy and has built a pilot area for international cooperation in marine economy.

  The next three years will be a major opportunity period for the implementation of the national maritime power strategy initiative, a comprehensive promotion period for Qingdao to build an international advanced marine development center, and a key period for the new area to "implement the marine strategy, take the lead in blue leaping, and build a beautiful new area". The new area will break through the waves in the development of marine economy, centering on the goal of 15% annual growth of marine GDP.