Qingdao Luhaifeng Hotel Co., Ltd

  Qingdao Luhaifeng Hotel, subordinate to Qingdao Luhaifeng Food Group Co., Ltd., is a comprehensive hotel integrating business, tourism, accommodation, catering and leisure, covering an area of more than 10,000 square meters. Located in the political, economic, cultural and financial center of Qingdao Economic and Technological Development Zone, Shandong Province, it is adjacent to the beautiful golden sand beach and silver sand beach in the East and the beautiful Xiaozhushan Forest Park in the West. It is close to the mountain and the sea, with fascinating scenery, pleasant climate and convenient transportation, and is favored by Chinese and foreign tourists.

  Qingdao Luhaifeng hotel has 100 standard rooms and suites. There are 3 large and small banquet halls and 25 luxurious private rooms, which are equipped with business center, conference room, lobby bar, etc.

  The hotel decoration is luxurious and comfortable, all adopt the green and healthy environmental protection decoration, the environment is elegant, the service is sincere, it is your ideal place for traveling vacation and business negotiation.


  Guest room introduction

  Qingdao Luhaifeng hotel has 100 sets of standard rooms and Suites, all decorated with green environmental protection materials, and equipped with central air conditioning, digital TV, Internet, mini bar, 24-hour hot water and meal delivery, laundry, purchase of tickets and other services. At the same time, it is equipped with large and small conference rooms, business center, lobby coffee bar, etc. Warm and thoughtful service makes you feel at home.


  Introduction to dishes:

  The hall of Qingdao Luhaifeng hotel is equipped with a large seafood supermarket and a display cabinet of fine dishes. You can enjoy the dancing of various kinds of live seafood in the water during dining. Seafood is the major dish. Especially the golden dishes of our hotel: the wall jumping and tuna series, such as tuna head, Tuna Sashimi, tuna fish eye, tuna tongue, are all made by the famous chef, which has broad and profound Chinese food.


  Banquet hall introduction:

  There are Chinese restaurant and banquet hall on the first floor and Red Sea hall on the second floor. The business area of Chinese restaurant is 280 square meters, which can accommodate 160 people. The business area of banquet hall is 800 square meters, which can accommodate 400 people at the same time.

  The Red Sea hall on the second floor has a business area of 280 square meters, which can accommodate 150 people at the same time. The decoration styles of the three banquet halls are different, luxurious and elegant, warm and comfortable. It is suitable for holding all kinds of large, medium and small-sized festive banquets, business banquets, Party gatherings and other activities.


  Conference room introduction:

  The conference room is located on the third floor of the hotel, with an area of 180 square meters, and can accommodate 120 people for meeting. The conference room is equipped with advanced sound system and various kinds of professional conference equipment. It is a good place for holding business meetings and exhibitions. Our dedicated conference team will meet your high quality requirements with meticulous and comprehensive professional conference services.




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