Qingdao Luhaifeng Investment Co., Ltd

  Qingdao Luhaifeng Investment Co., Ltd. was established in April 2013 with a registered capital of 100 million Yuan. The company's business scope includes: investment, investment management, shipbuilding, housing construction, port and shipping facilities engineering construction, market opening, property management, sales: Ship accessories, blended fuel oil, lubricating oil, import and export of goods.
  Based on the group's advantages and strength, Qingdao Luhaifeng Investment Co., Ltd. has developed a strategy for the development of pelagic fishery, with the project of North China (Qingdao) international aquatic products trading center and cold chain logistics base as the center, "going south to the Southeast Asia (ASEAN) and westward into the Indian ocean". Taking Qingdao as the center, going south to Southeast Asia, and based on Malacca, the layout of offshore fishery and logistics industry chain with Mauritius as the center has been established.
  At home, North China (Qingdao) international aquatic products trading center and cold chain logistics base project, with an investment of more than 10 billion Yuan, is a key project in Qingdao City, with a total area of 12.26 square kilometers. The construction of the project is centered on the construction of an industrial chain integrating procurement and trading, cold chain logistics, ocean fishing services, intensive processing and distribution, information integration, food traceability and safety testing, so as to facilitate aquatic products trading and safety inspection With modern value-added services such as cold chain logistics processing as the core, we will build fishing ports and wharves, ocean going fishing vessel repair and building base, ocean going fishing vessel supply base, trading center, refrigeration base, aquatic products processing base, administrative office area, leisure and entertainment area, and logistics park, so as to attract more distant foreign fishing vessels to trade in Qingdao, and build a comprehensive and international aquatic products trading center facing Northeast Asia and cold chain logistics base. After the completion of the project, the trading volume of aquatic products will reach 3 million tons, the trading volume will reach 54 billion Yuan, the tax contribution will be 8.1 billion Yuan, the output value of other industries will be 7.6 billion Yuan, and tens of thousands of regional employment will be promoted
  In abroad, three international and comprehensive offshore fishing bases are being prepared for construction: in Indonesia, two joint ventures with our $20 million investment in each have been set up, and on the basis of investment and acquisition of the base, they have entered the shipbuilding preparation stage; in Malaysia, the Malaysian government has set aside an area of 10 square kilometers (1,000 hectares, 2,500 acres) with a coastline of 5 kilometers .The Ministry of agriculture of Malaysia intends to designate the company as a "window" for foreign (Indian Ocean) fishery cooperation and fishing license, and plans to provide relevant policies and support funds for financial support. In Mauritius, the registered company has been put into operation and has obtained permission for 10 fishing vessels from the Ministry of Fisheries of Mauritius.
  At that time, a complete self-sufficient industrial chain will be formed with Malaysia as the link, linking domestic and foreign offshore fishing bases. Moreover, taking these bases as a foothold, we will march into the Pacific Ocean and the Indian Ocean in an all-round way, gradually strive for more quotas, expand our large purse seine tuna fleet, break the situation that France, Spain and other western countries have long shared the offshore fishery resources, and provide scale base and solid support for the "going out" strategy of offshore fisheries.