Qingdao Luhaifeng Marine Ranch

  In order to create a representative marine ranch in China, Luhaifeng group established an ecological breeding base in 2007, with a continuous investment of 1.07 billion Yuan, building more than 280 intelligent deep-water anti wind and wave cages, and breeding valuable fish species such as perch, salmon and black trout, finally establish a deep-water cage aquaculture industry standard system; and in the Shilingzijiao sea area built more than 200 hectares of artificial reef area, natural stocking sea cucumber, abalone and other precious marine treasures, pollution-free ecological breeding, products meet the green environmental protection standards, was awarded "the most popular island city agricultural products", "Ministry of agriculture aquaculture demonstration farm".
  Relying on Shilingzijiao artificial reef proliferation, deep-water cage culture, marine tourism and fishery experience resources, for many years Qingdao Luhaifeng marine ranch built by Luhaifeng group has more than 50,000 mu of sea area and 1,534 hectares of leisure sea fishing ground, which is the largest marine ranch in Qingdao. The marine ranch has a fishing boat wharf covering an area of 38,300 square meters (including harbor), with 1,500 meters of shoreline, which can park nearly 100 leisure fishing vessels. It is equipped with 36 standard sea fishing vessels, 8,000 square meters tourist reception center, 7,000 square meters comprehensive service area, 13 folk custom thatched houses and 10 leisure sea fishing cage platforms (including the largest fishing cage platform with a circumference of 168 meters in China.)
  We also set up high-end leisure fishing clubs such as ecological diving and leisure sea fishing, provide recreational fishery services such as light diving, breath holding diving, pool fishing, rock fishing, boat fishing, fishing village custom experience, etc. In cooperation with the China Organizing Committee for fishing and the Qingdao Fishing Association, Luhaifeng marine ranch has successively held "the fourth Qingdao Sports Conference sea fishing competition", "Qingdao International Marine Festival sea fishing competition", "the fourth Olympus cup sea fishing competition", and held more than ten sea fishing competitions such as "Luhaifeng cup national sea fishing Invitational Competition" in June 2016, which was rated as "provincial-level rest base" by Shandong Province. The leisure sea fishing ground and "provincial leisure sea fishing demonstration base" have been rated as "National Marine Ranch" and "national leisure fishery demonstration base" by the Ministry of agriculture of the people's Republic of China. Luhaifeng marine ranch provides high-quality sea cucumber, abalone, perch and other sea treasures for the 2018 Shanghai Cooperation organization Qingdao summit. It is a food supplier for the Qingdao summit, and is rated as the "sea cucumber, abalone and perch special supplyBase" and "special supply base for takong Liuxianyu and Xushi Pingji".



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